collaboration you can use

for design and engineering

A whole new level of visual performance, ease-of-use, and workflow integration.

Campfire works the way you do


Campfire Headset

Delivers stunning visual quality with an ultra-wide field of view in AR and a new level of comfort in VR.

92° Diagonal FOV

Delivers the AR experience you expect, on top of your glasses.


Convertible between AR and VR for visualizations in any environment.

92° FOV

Just attach to your phone and open Campfire app


Use keybpard or manipulate model with milimiter accuracy


Simulates a 3D monitor to deliver the reliability of traditional monitors for shared 3D models.

Instant Setup

Just place on your desk or table and connect to power.

Instant On

Enables experiences to appear instantly, reliably and intuitively for everyone everywhere


Transforms your phone into an intuitive controller with powerful tools for working with 3D models.









Instant Setup

No WiFi or BlueTooth to setup, just snap-on and power-on to launch the Campfire app

Powerful Tools

Manipulate and explore 3D models with a range of tools you can learn in minutes

Precision Input

Text entry is a breeze and the touchscreen enables more precise controls than hand or arm movements

Campfire Scenes

Compose and share scenes from existing 3D models for quick reviews or elaborate presentations


Get started right away whether you’re a trained CAD user or PowerPoint user new to 3D

Your Models

Works with more than 40 CAD and 3D file formats

Live AR Preview

Use the Campfire Headset to see a live AR preview side-by-side with your monitor

Campfire for iPad

Collaborate anytime, anywhere

Get the Best View

Follow the action from any angle - even follow another user's view.

Collaborate in AR

Collaborate with others or work alone in AR mode with the integrated remote.

Create and Share Notes

Annotate models with sketches using your finger or Apple Pencil.

Campfire stripped away a lot of the complexity that exists in AR/VR landscape today ... in connecting distributed design & engineering teams

– Charles YustPrincipal Director, Design Technology, frog

Early Access

The Campfire system will be commercially available in 2022

Apply for the Campfire Pioneer Program for early access to Campfire devices and applications, and to place orders for the first batch of production devices

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About Campfire

Campfire is a new company focused on holographic collaboration for design and engineering workflows. Led by pioneers of today’s most well-known augmented reality platforms, Campfire provides a new generation of devices and applications that enable globally distributed teams to work with 3D models as if sharing a central holographic projector..

Jay Wright

CEO / Co-Founder

Roy Ashok

COO / Co-Founder

Alexander Turin

Product Architect / Co-Founder

Michael V. Lewis


Steve Worden

Principal Mechanical Engineer / Co-Founder

Yuhan Liu

Software Engineer / Co-Founder

Avi Bar-Zeev

Founding Advisor